If you run an Internet site, having a backup is something very vital, specifically if you have important data or you have invested money and time in building the Internet site. There are numerous situations why you may require a backup - if you update a script and something fails, if you erase a file or an entire folder unintentionally, etc. Having regular backups will help you avoid any loss of information or at least minimize the damage, which is still better than losing the entire site. You can download a copy of your content on your computer system occasionally, but since you simply can't do that after every change, you need to rely on the backups which your host company generates. Due to the fact that that is something very necessary, you need to make sure that they keep up-to-date backups, since a backup executed once every one or two weeks may not do any good when you run an Internet site like an online store or an accommodation reservations site.

Daily Data Back-up in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our system generates a full backup of the files and databases in every single semi-dedicated server account produced on our cutting-edge web hosting platform, so in case you host your Internet sites with us, you'll never have to cope with information loss, particularly having in mind that the copies are produced not less than 4 times every single day and are kept for at least seven days. Restoring the content usually takes no more than a couple of minutes and could be performed in two ways. The first one is to send a support ticket with this request, indicating from which particular date you would like the backup to be restored. The second way is to restore the content yourself, for the reason that the backups are available inside the File Manager section of the Control Panel and you could browse them freely to see what each individual folder contains. All it will require to restore a backup is to copy the contents of the backup folder to the domain folder. You'll be able to see the timestamp for every backup within the account, so you can use the one you need.