FTP denotes File Transfer Protocol – a very popular way to transmit files between a home computer and a server. With an FTP software program like CuteFTP or FileZilla, you can establish a connection to the server and view its content in one pane, while the files on your computer will be shown in another pane within the program window. All you have to do to send files or entire directories in either direction is to select them and then to drag them from one pane to the other. FTP is used by a lot of users because you can set up different FTP accounts and each of them can be limited to access just one single folder on the server, so a designer, for example, can complete their task without being able to see any other content in your hosting account. Also, the availability of different FTP accounts will also permit you to create numerous Internet sites using web design tools like Dreamweaver or FrontPage and to upload them to their respective directories on the server.

FTP Accounts in Semi-dedicated Servers

Our semi-dedicated hosting plans are very powerful, which makes them suitable for hosting numerous sites. Speaking of which, we have chosen not to limit the number of FTP accounts that you can set up, so you can have a different FTP account for each Internet site that you host on our cloud platform. All FTP accounts will be listed in alphabetical order in the corresponding section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is offered with each and every semi-dedicated server account. For each of them, you will be able to check the access path and to edit it, if needed. Furthermore, you can set up an account in an FTP client by downloading an auto-config file and running it on your home PC, which will save you time. In case you’ve never used a hosting account before, you can watch our comprehensive tutorial videos, which are available in the very same section of the Control Panel.

FTP Accounts in VPS Servers

With a VPS server from us, you will get the option to create an unlimited number of FTP accounts to access your web content. This is valid for all VPS server configurations, regardless of which hosting Control Panel you have chosen upon signup – DirectAdmin, Hepsia or cPanel. Depending on your needs, you can create a separate FTP account for each Internet site or several accounts with access to a given folder – if you want to allow different persons to access that folder with their own sign-in credentials. Even if you’ve never opened a web hosting account before or if you’ve got experience only with a shared one, you will not have any difficulties setting up, removing or editing any FTP account on your machine, as everything’s done through an easy-to-use web interface and takes just a few mouse clicks.